The Camera Tripod With Simian Agility: Gorillapod

Camera tripods are so 19th century.  They're fine if you want a straight-on shot and you're shooting on level ground but, you have to admit, the tripod is somewhat limiting.  Now, along comes the multi-jointed simian tripod, otherwise known as the Gorillapod, to take over where the tripod left off more than 100 years ago.



With simian agility the Gorilla pod can wrap its three legs around anything to steady your camera, wherever you are.  It can take on small tree branch, a chair leg (for pet photography), a stair banister... it can even stand your camera straight on an uneven surface.





The Gorillapod will be your photos' best friend, enabling the steadiest shots you could not match with your own shaky hands.  You can roll up your Gorillapod and pop him in your pocket, or snuggle him into your camera case.  (Don't forget your remote!)



Available in black or blue, there are two models of Gorillapods, one for digital cameras and camcorders, the other for SLRs.   Both are available at