Skiing In The Off-Season With Olymp Ski Simulator


Skiers and snowboarders have long been able to combat the off-season yearning for fresh snow with a variety of video games. These games do little to simulate the actual muscle motion involved on the slopes, however, which is where this SkyTec Olymp Ski and Snowboard Simulator comes in. Since you're strapped in to a pair of "skis"  that slide and edge similar to actual skis, you're able  to actually practice your carving technique. Connect it to a video screen and enjoy video-based ski simulation. A snowboard configuration is also available. Who knew you could improve your ski/snowboard skills on the middle of a hot July afternoon in Omaha, Nebraska?

The Olymp comes with a variety of courses designed to focus your attention on different types of skills. Simulate different snow conditions, and feel as though you're actually bombing down the Olympic Super-G all while actively building muscle and staying in shape. Sure beats a Norda-Track.

The following video plays more like soft-core porn than it does an instructional video on how this works, but at least it shows you that you'll be sliding back and forth a lot.

 SkyTec via Oh Gizmo!