Give the gift of DNA! or a Fingerprint!

DNA in your livingroomDNA in your livingroomThey say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As it turns out, it’s also in their DNA.

Thanks to some truly innovative thinking, now your DNA (or that of a loved, one if you can get it) can be turned into beautiful works of art. The company that can help you with this nifty little trick is DNA11.

Founded by Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed who had the unique idea to add color and visually enhance the scientific data that DNA contains, transforming your DNA into one-of-a-kind art has never been easier. Which means, now even if you’re ugly on the outside, you can show off your inner beauty to the world. Literally.


FINGERPRINT ARTFINGERPRINT ARTAnd if DNA doesn't do it for you, maybe your fingerprints will. FingerPrints – artwork that features your fingerprint with or without color as art also make a great gift.

These two novel “art meets science” innovations are the must -have gifts for forensic scientists the world over (they could be for a family member or friend too). And they can be yours by simply clicking here.



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Feb 23, 2007
by JohnnieD

Big Brother Disguised!

I'm starting to really love this site! Some of the ideas are off the wall, as this one! It's so brilliant, that I took it to be on the level of a Conspiracy Theory! I personally am approaching the 1/2 Century mark, and along with the years comes a lot of experience! Unless you would be involved in an activity - criminal, or legal; that would require your DNA to be recorded and logged in a Big Brother database - why would anyone do that freely?! If you think the picture is that neat - buy one off ebay! No one will ever know it's not you. But the mind can just run crazy with the plots, and conspiracies that could possibly be targeted against a willing DNA doner! Not to mention the lawsuits that will be guaranteed forthcoming "That company sold my DNA instructions without my permission", or "20 years later they found out, that the DNA evidence was planted, by a company that sold pretty pictures, and also sold the same DNA samples to Unscrupulious organizations, and the defendant; although executed for the crime, was ultimately exhonerated"! Just a few that flitted throuh a couple idle neurons when I read this! Just Kidding Go ahead and order one!