Shelly Sabel's Umbrella Chandeliers: A Shower of Creative Lighting

In certain circles it's considered bad luck to open an umbrella indoors.  Brooklyn-based lighting designer Shelly Sabel seems to think otherwise, embracing the half-open umbrella in her quirky series of umbrella chandeliers.

For 'Dining By Design'For 'Dining By Design'


Doing away with any outdated superstitions, Sabel gives new purpose to traditional pieces of rain gear, pairing them with lightbulbs and porcelain sockets, along with found umbrella pieces and aluminum.  The result is a richly textured explosion of color that gently cascades light onto the surface below. 

Umbrella chandeliers aren't all she's got under her belt -- she's also worked with installations for names like Ralph Lauren and Donna Karan, and has had her work featured in American Design Club’s "Hue Are You?" and Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS2009 (DIFFA) "Dining By Design" exhibits this year.   Also check out her Safety Pin Swarm for another example of her inherent coolness.

These light pieces are available from the artist upon contact, with different options for color and shape available.  

Shelly Sabel via Yanko Design