The 3 Coolest Interactive Home Gadgets Ever! JOININ

Qian Jiang and Yiying Wu have created the most delightful line of interactive gadgets for the home they call JOININ, as in "join in." Just imagine how you can personalize your mini-fan, table lamp, and even your alarm clock!



The JOININ mini-fan is three-pronged with large clips, so you can pop in whatever you like to create the breeze... anything from paper stickies to leaves or rose petals to photos of your loved ones! Isn't this neat? (Please pardon my unbridled enthusiasm for the JOININs.)



(via Yanko Design)(via Yanko Design)


(via Yanko Design)(via Yanko Design)




The JOININ Lamp has eight pairs of LED lights.  No on-off switch, just your imagination and a few small metal objects thrown into the base will bing whatever lights are connected to the electrical contacts the objects touch. Try some pennies or metal nuts and bolts, and you'll see what turns your lights on!





The JOININ Alarm Clock

So cool! The JOININ is the most fun alarm clock ever.  Naturally, it requires your participation if it's to do its job and wake you up!



Yes, of course, you have to set the current time and the wake-up time, just like other alarm clocks. But you get to determine the sound the alarm makes by inserting your choice of noise-makers into the cup. Imagine the sound of these pencils rattling in the cup....



When its wake-up time, the cup vibrates, rattling its contents just as you pleased!  If you need a lot of noise, try some marbles... not too many, as you need to give them space to move around a lot.   How about waking up to a more natural sound?  Place some dried leaves into the cup, and you'll wake up to their calm rustle.

I'm crazy about all three of these designs and I hope the team of  Qian Jiang and Yiying Wu create more really cool interactive and personalized gadget designs. According to Qian Jiang, the JOININ gadgets are currently in production.  We'll alert you when they become available! 




Sources: Qian Jiang Coroflot; Colobig Bow CoroflotJOININ Design; Yanko Design via Newtech



Jun 14, 2009
by Anonymous


what an absolutely neat set of creative inventions! I need to get me one of those. ;]

Jun 17, 2009
by Anonymous


Anyone else picture someone stabbing themselves with that pencil when they try to turn the clock off by hitting it in the morning.