Slow Cooker Dinner Kits: The Fastest Way To Cook A Real Meal


I have exactly one recipe for my slow cooker and that's pork with barbecue sauce and orange juice.  When I get tired of that, I substitute brisket for the pork.  Not very exciting. 

But here's something that caught my attention. A company called Delicaé Pantry has already done the hunting and gathering for us.  It prepares the seasonings and the "base" of the sauce, so all we, otherwise to-busy-to-cook folks, have to do is add the main ingredients.  We can turn on our slow cookers in the morning and come home to a prepared meal in the evening.  If we make enough food, we can serve it for two or three nights.  We can even freeze part of it for another lazy period in our lives/




Santa Fe Chicken & Black BeansSanta Fe Chicken & Black Beans


The meal choices offered by Delicaé Pantry are pretty special, mostly regional country-style foods, like Santa Fe Chicken with Black Beans, Big Easy Jambalaya, Country French Pork & White Bean, Italian Kitchen Osso Bucco... dishes much more thrilling than I could have come up with, and so much easier to prepare. All the spices and dehydrated vegetables come in the Dinner Kits and, by the way, all of the ingredients are natural. 


 Mediterranean Lamb ShanksMediterranean Lamb Shanks


Big Easy JambalayaBig Easy Jambalaya


I'm sure you have already seen dried soup ingredients packaged in the super markets, but Delicaé Pantry also prepares Soup Kits, like Thai Curry Lentil Soup and U.S. Senate Bean Soup (ahem). 


U.S. Senate Bean SoupU.S. Senate Bean Soup


Individual boxes, each enough to complete the recipe in a 6 - 8 quart cooker, can be purchased on the Delicaé Pantry website, and you can order Dinner Kits in bulk from


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