Yankee Invention Expo Details Announced

For the fifteenth year in a row the Yankee Invention Expo (YIE) will be held in Waterbury, Connecticut.  This invention expo is an opportunity for inventors from all over the country to learn more about inventing from long-time successful inventors and to market their inventions to companies!

In fact, the YIE is the largest non-profit annual invention exhibition in the U.S.  There will be dozens of professional resources at the convention giving workshops on everything from patenting to marketing and displaying their services for inventors.  Additionally, there will be plenty of product scouts, manufacturers, investors, as well as a large public audience, so if you have your invention prototyped or, better yet, ready, get a booth!

The personal SHARKSTOPPER®The personal SHARKSTOPPER®The invention booths will be set up by categories: General Consumer Products,  House/Garden/Tools/Hardware, Toys/Games/Sports/Recreation, Health/Medical/Personal Care/Safety/ and Commercial and Miscellaneous.  Even though the Expo is not until October, there are many new inventions already set up with booths, so sign up soon.

The YIE will be held Thursday through Saturday, October 22 - 24, 2009.  Workshop sessions are scheduled for all three days, but the booths will be open and judged on the second and third days.  Prizes will be given for best in category, best booth display, best new technology and other areas.

For complete, up-to-date information, visit the Yankee Invention Expo website periodically. (Also resourced: Sharkstopper Devices)




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