Get Wired with the Outlet Wall

In this age of remarkable technology, you would think our wiring would improve alongside ever-evolving advancements. Our dependence on electricity becomes more and more apparent  as often evidenced by the nasty tangle of wires lurking behind computer desks and hidden away in consoles.  Ever a bane to aesthetics, these coiling conductors of electrical life force are one ugly bunch,  a challenge in any instance to beautify.




David Friedman has proposed the idea of an outlet wall -- a vast expanse of space dedicated to the detangling your wires and electrifying your favorite equipment.  Here, cables can find a proud place of their own to stretch to their limits while also contributing to a bold design statement.  How's that for form and function at their finest? 





Ironic Sans via Home Rejuvenation

Jun 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Outlet Wall electrician's DREAM!
I'd charge about $6,000 to $8,000 to put that up for you. Let me know if any of you, I mean art-enthusiasts want it done.

Jun 30, 2009
by Anonymous

building code?????

sorry won't happen, can't drill that many holes in the studs to carry that many wires, think about it how many spaces in a circuit breaker would it take to power that many outlets (even if you group them in individual circuits) 10 to 15 breakers? think what size of panel you would need? a 1' x 4' panel!

now if would like to inspire sheer terror make some of them functional and the rest decoys and see how long it takes to get to the right ones!!!!!!