Twittorati, At The Corner of Blogo & Twitter

Do you know any bloggers of authority? Bloggers who are distinguished not only by how popular their sites are, but also how often other sites link to their blogs. Those that know TMZ, Gawker and the Huffington Post know that the top blogs of the world have slowly stolen the spotlight away from newspapers and mainstream media in general. Those that know Twitter know how important real-time updates have become. Now with the unveiling of Technorati's new service, one can traverse the terrain where the blogosphere crosses the Twittersphere, at an intersection called Twittorati.

Technorati, a well known social bookmarking service has launched the Twittorati site where one can view what the top bloggers in the world are tweeting about. With our infatuation in all-things 'celebrity', top bloggers or the micro-celebs of Internet have now become the authoritative voices for our digital mindset.

The site will demonstrate what top bloggers have to say, and compare topics to blogosphere trends. It will also allow visitors to filter tweets by topic, see the most tweeted blog posts, and compare leading blogosphere and Twitter trends.

Richard JalichandraRichard JalichandraRichard Jalichandra, chief executive of Technorati, when interviewed for a recent New York Times article titled "Blogs Falling in an Empty Forest" made point of the significant contribution blogs have made to the field of journalism. Blogs, according to Jalichandra have "become a legitimate publishing medium with a huge audience."

In fact, blogs have became so impactful that the company's recent study called 'Technorati's 2008 State of the Blogosphere' notes 76,000 blogs have a Technorati Authority Ranking (blogging's equivalent of Google Page Rank) of 50 or higher, and that roughly a half million bloggers describe themselves as professional bloggers and report income off their blogs.

InventorSpotInventorSpotTechnorati's Top 100 bloggers will be featured at Twittorati's launch, but it will expand to include more authors and blogging sites over time. We at , feel confident that our voice will eventually be added to the Twittorati site in due course as we are presently ranked 755 out of all the blogs tracked by worldwide. (At the end of this blog, I have posted the entire list of Technorati's Top 100 bloggers with links, as a service to our readers.)

According to a recent Forbes article, "surfing along on the burgeoning wave of Twitter could be a nice way for Technorati to boost its traffic, which, according to traffic tracker Alexa, has sagged 10% over the past three months." Even so, Technorati Media has been building up its ad network, launched about a year ago. "In one year, Technorati Media has become the largest ad network focused on social media," said Jalichandra  "We've aggregated over 300 sites--about half blogs, about half niche social networking sites."

While I feel that Twittorati is going to bring value to our social media table, I am hesitant to believe that blogging isn't still evolving and that similar to the artisans of the Industrial Revolution, that bloggers will soon be replaced by automation. In a recent blog I wrote titled "New Industrial Revolution Sabotages Social Media," I refer to the advent of Web 3.0 and the intervention of automation and artificial intelligence taking the place of the current required human component.

Web 3.0Web 3.0

Will Web 3.0 shorten the lifespan of Twittorati and limit our need to enter the traffic jams incurred at the corner of the Blogo and the Twitter? Time will tell... but right now I think it's a greenlight and 'full-speed ahead' as Twittorati becomes the latest shiny thing to roll off the digital assembly line.

As promised, here is Technorati's Top 100 Blogs (with links)

1- Huffington Post
2- TechCrunch
3- Engadget
4- Mashable
5- Boing Boing
6- Ars Technica
7- Lifehacker
9- Smashing Magazine
10- Gizmodo
11- The Official Google Blog
12- ReadWriteWeb
13- Gawker
14- Seth's Blog
15- BloggingStocks
16- Daily Kos
17- Gadling
18- Joystiq
19- The Daily Dish/ by Andrew Sullivan
21- treehugger
22- consumerist
23- PostSecret
24- Cinematical
25- Kotaku
26- WoWInsider
27- Blog
28- VentureBeat
29- Celebrity Gossip
30- Switched
31- The Unoffical Apple Weblog
32- Autoblog
33- TV Squad
34- Think Progress
35- Download Squad
36- ParentDish
37- CrunchGear
39- Bits
40- ProBlogger Blog Tips
41- Fail Blog
42- The Caucus
43- CNN Political Ticker
44- The Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond
45- dooce
46- Michelle Malkin
47- Lemondrop
48- The Corner
49- Pajamas Media
50- Talking Points Memo
51- Slashfood
52- Hot Air-Top Picks
54- Apartment Therapy Main
55- Neatorama
56- Gmail Blog
57- Political Punch
58- /Flim
59- GigaOM
60- Luxist
61- Salon: Glenn Greenwald
62- The Sartorialist
64- StyleList Fashion Blog
65- Yanko Design
67- Zen Habits
68- Crooks and Liars
69- FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right
70- TorrentFreak
71- ChrisBrogan
72- Ben Smith's Blog
73- Massively
74- Engagdet Mobile
75- Search Engine Land
76- Microsiervos
77- Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch
78- VG Cats Updated Mondays
79- MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors
80- MakeMagazine
81- Stereogum
82- Jalopnik
83- Fussy/NaBloPoMo
84- Spinner
85- O'Reilly Radar Insight
86- Deadspin
87- Gothamist
88- Just Jared
89- Geekologie Gadgets, Gizmos and Awesome
90- Celebrity Baby Blog
91- Freakonomics
92- A List Apart
93- Google Operating System
94- Blog di Beppe Grillo
95- CopyBlogger
96- explodingdog
97- Techdirt
98- Daring Fireball
99- Boy Genius Report
100- CurrentTV

Jul 9, 2009
by Anonymous


How many of those top 100 are actually using Twitter? Very few!

And of the ones who are using Twitter, MOST of them are doing nothing but reposting links to their own blog posts. That seems kinda redundant to me.

If you check out the "top bloggers," you'll see very few of them are actually engaging their followers. They never respond to Tweeters and they're only following top news sites - and nobody else. Those "top bloggers" are using Twitter to push their blog posts out to people who may or may not even know they exist.

The current Twittorati setup screams #FAIL.