Another Silly Golf Novelty: The Golfers Mug

I realize that golfers are a passionate lot with a surplus of disposable income to burn, but some of the idiotic inventions and gizmos flooding the golf market really extend past all reckoning. The latest in incredulous and unnecessary golf gadgets is The Golfers Mug. No, not the mug emblazoned with hand-painted golf course that you bought for dad when you were 5--that would actually serve a purpose. It's a mug designed specifically for slapping your balls into. 

The Golfers Mug is just like every other mug in your cabinet except that it features a flat side so that you can set it on the ground and use it as a putting hole. This way, you won't get too inspired to actually use that caffeine-induced burst of sheer energy to work, but instead fritter it away putting a golf ball into a mug. Genius.

While putting into a mug at the office isn't a bad idea on its own--couldn't you just use a regular mug for that? I realize the Golfers Mug cuts out that incessant rolling around--the entire 3/4 of a second before it comes to rest on the handle--but any mug or cup seems like it would do fine without this "special" golf mug. Also, judging by the picture, it appears to be a standard ceramic mug, which doesn't seem to mix with a hard ball rolling off a large metal club.

Oh well, I suppose it solves one dilemma: What cheap piece of crap do I throw into the white elephant party at the office this year? The $13 Golfers Mug has never looked so perfect.

Via: Oh Gizmo!