Cheeky iBum Photocopying Chair Captures Your Bum

"The arse is the window of the soul," says Tomomi Sayuda, the mastermind behind the Ibum Chair, a chair that photocopies your derriere as soon as you sit down.  

Gone are the days of sneakily getting in bum shots on the workplace copier. Employers can now breathe a sigh of relief and instead introduce this handy chair into office workspace to assuage their employees' covert desires to hop atop (and potentially break) the office copy machine.  

Immediately upon sitting, sensors activate the copier which then spits out a color copy on the bottom right of the chair.  Below is a YouTube video documenting the process and people's reactions to seeing a side of themselves usually hidden from their own view.


The idea initially came to Sayuda after a British tourist streaked outside the Japanese emperor's palace and then hopped into the moat.  She wanted to replicate the basic principle behind this mischievous kind of public prank and decided to install a 'secret' hidden photocopier into a chair which was originally placed inside a bar. There she documented its reception and compiled a book of over 30 people's backsides in full color.  Cheeky.

Tomomi Sayuda via Apartment Therapy and OhGizmo!

Jul 23, 2009
by Anonymous

What a waste

This product is not only a waste of space,paper and power, it is completely non-functional and a ridiculous concept. i wish designers like this idiot would use there time more wisely and create something we genuinely need!

Jul 28, 2009
by Anonymous

just what we need

There aren't enough toys for adults these days. I don't mean dirty ones, cause we have enough of those -_- even if this is completely useless, it's a cute idea, and they should have more ways for people to have fun at an office.

Jul 29, 2009
by Anonymous


Someone should invent a contraption to get that stick out of your ass...

Jul 30, 2009
by Anonymous

Not everthing has to be a diamond....

Oh, Ok. So it wastes power, space, and all that. Granted.

So what? So do amusement rides at the park. So why are they there? They're FUN. And sometimes, people just need to relax and PLAY a bit...

After all, it's safer than riding the "Hammer" at the park.. :)

Jul 31, 2009
by Anonymous


I can't believe someone could read the article AND watch the video and still think it's "waste". Offices and corperations could get great use out something like this, and help work productivity by letting the employees have fun once in a while. There should be MORE products like this. I am definately buying one for my company.