Nissan To Include New Driver Assist Technology on New Models

One of the largest complaints many automotive enthusiasts have with the new GT-R is the collection of electronic driving aids that have made their way onto the R35. While most of these are more focused toward the safety of the driver and others on the road, many will still argue that the amount of skill it takes to pilot the GTR is significantly less than comparable supercars. Now, it looks as though Nissan is planning on opening similar technology to other vehicles across their line-up.

The first automobile in question is the Nissan Fuga, which is known as the Infinity M in North America. By combining the already impressive Electronic Stability Control (ESC) on the M with a new GPS system, the vehicles computer will be able to, with a fair degree of accuracy, predict which corners you are planning on taking and provide feedback as to how fast you should be going. If the system thinks you are in danger, it will also push back on the throttle in an attempt to get the attention of the driver.

Alongside the GPS system, the Infinity M will also be using the ESC to monitor the behavior of the vehicle and compare them to the inputs of the driver. If the 2 measurements are not the same, the braking system can independently apply pressure to any wheel and put the M back under the control of the driver.

No official word if or when more vehicles will be getting the new driving aid systems.