Get Your Own Cameleon To Sing In Your Shower

Ever see a chameleon?  They are known for being able to stick to almost anything with their feet, and some of them even change colors.  Here's a chameleon that not only has sticky feet and changes colors, but it also sings!


It's a Chameleon Shower Radio!  Cute little guy, isn't he?



 With four suction cups, he's 2.5 ounces without his 2 AAA batteries, so he's a lightweight when it comes to sticking to the wall. And he's totally waterproof, of course.  Those batteries operate an FM scanning tuner so when he finds a sound he and you like, he lights up and changes colors. 



I don't know.  I just can't help but love this guy! He'd make a fun gift for a little kid or a big kid like yourself!


ThumbsUpUK via Nerd Approved