How To Use Google To Advertise Your Business Online



Whether you're selling big-ticket items such as cars or just candy down the corner, you can use Google to advertise your business online. The Internet is one of the rare places in the world that a small start-up company can beat the monster giant one in marketing. It is definitely a great equalizer. Beat big business marketing with the following online tips and tricks for advertising your business through Google.


1. Make sure that your customers can ACTUALLY find your business through Google.

Studies show that most of the internet research is performed using Google. That is why it is very important for your website to show up when they search for something online. How to do that? Pepper website with keywords that your customers often use when searching for your product. Read up on search engine optimization and find the strategic places that you should put your keywords for your website.


2. Make sure your website is rich in content.

Change your content frequently. Google loves content-rich websites so try adding a blog and update your content as often as you can. If you have an e-commerce website, try loading inventory once a week or even daily. You will definitely win Google love for this. Don't stuff your website with keywords though. Some people think that by doing this, they can rank higher. Google will think of your website as spam and that will not win points with them.


3. Use Google Pay-Per-Click Advertising.

See those sponsored links at the top as well as the right hand side of the Google homepage when you search for something? You can bid for a spot by going to Google Adwords. Some keywords run for just pennies per click while others go up to a hundreds of dollars. Try to get keywords that get above-average search activity with little advertiser competition. And word to the wise, don't go for the general keywords! They are expensive and they usually don't bring in those who are actively searching for something to buy.



These are just some of the ways that you can use Google to advertise your business online. Doing this will ensure a steady stream of traffic to your website. Keep in mind, however, that traffic does not always equal to SALES. You can appear as number one website for candy in Google but if your website is not properly done in such a way to convert the traffic into sales then all your efforts will be for naught.