Take A Hit From Your Own Personal Oxygen Bar

Go ahead.  Take a hit.  There's nothing illegal about oxygen.  After all, it's still in the air we breathe... I think...

Well, not so much of it, if you live in certain areas.  Generally, the amount of oxygen in the air is about 21 percent.  But that's at sea level.  If you live in higher altitudes, oxygen levels get lower as you get higher.  And, even at sea level, if the atmospheric pressure is low, the oxygen level goes down.  And then, of course, there's pollution...

That speaks for the popularity of oxygen bars and oxygen bottled water.  I've been ordering canned oxygen to have around in case someone in the household drinks too much the night before or has a headache from another source.  But Hammacher Schlemmer brings you a portable Personal Oxygen Bar that has a lifetime guarantee so you can save money in the long term if oxygen is your gas of choice.

The Personal Oxygen Bar takes in ambient air, isolates the oxygen, and adds about 30 percent more oxygen to it, after the air goes through two filters that remove dust and other particles from it.  Then you can set the Oxygen Bar for 10 to 30 minutes of pure oxygen which you can breath in through the mouth piece a headphone.

Why the headphone?  It pipes in four different "etherial" musical tunes for you to choose to help you relax while you slowly inhale the oxygen from the mouthpiece -- great for meditation.

When you're finished, no need to worry about cleaning the machine.  It gets rid of all the excess vapor itself before it shuts off and cools down.  The air purifying filters should be washed periodically, however, and they are removable.

Regardless of whether it's the altitude, the weather, or just you usual morning dim wit, there's nothing like a whif or two of oxygen to clear up your brain... it gets all the fog out, so your day is not dampened by a sluggish mind.  You can find  out more about the Personal Oxygen Bar at Hammacher.


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