TV's Going To Pot - Cannabis Planet Launches!

When someone tells you that TV is "going to pot," you can now take them literally, because "all things marijuana" has found a TV channel it can call its own!  It's the latest in a new wave of niche marketing where TV programming is devoted to one topic!

In this case, its "pot, weed, reefer, grass, ganja, Mary Jane, hash, skunk, boom or blunt"...whatever code name you use for this popular recreational drug, Cannabis Planet TV will be covering it on-air twice a week on KJLA in West Los Angeles, California.

Cannabis App LocatorCannabis App LocatorIn July, I wrote about the "Cannabis Locator App," an iPhone API that helps you locate, procure and purchase marijuana. Now, Cannabis Planet's 30 minute weekly television show will actually be delivering TV content that focuses on the merits of the cannabis plant. Since it has been proven that the herb is an amazing natural, renewable resource that can be used as a fiber, fuel, food and medicine, there is a lot to talk about.

Ngaio BealumNgaio BealumCo-Hosted by Ngaio Bealum of West Coast Cannabis Magazine Publisher and Sarah Diesel, a medical marijuana activist, weekly topics include cannabis news and information, collective profiles, cannabis cooking, growing tips with horticultural legend Ed Rosenthal, celebrity interviews, music and more.

Brad Lane, the television producer of the show is a man on a mission. According to an ABC report, Brad LaneBrad Lane"while some might say his new TV show is half-baked, Lane would probably tell you it's almost completely baked."

This 13-week long series premiered July 31st at Midnight on KDOC TV and replayed on Saturday August 1st at Midnight. After those airings, the network determined that Cannabis Planet was TOO SMOKIN' HOT TO HANDLE, and as a result, Lane moved the show to KJLA TV where it now airs on Thursday's and Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m (also available streaming at CannabisPlanet.TV).

With a potential audience of five million viewers, Lane claims his late-night show most likely will be watched in about 30,000 homes. However, it is very unlikely that other networks will pick up the show, even though it was brought to my attention that one of our beloved Disney characters was caught in the boy's room toking up!
Sep 17, 2009
by Anonymous

Status Quo

Unfortunately, the Nazis who are making all the money off of the Civil War on Drugs will never relent. Food, medicine, fuel, clothing, paper, recreation..... how many mainstay industries of the USA do you think marijuana directly threatens?

Not to mention the fact that nearly 900,000 people were arrested last year for marijuana alone. What do you think that says about overtime hours and justification for headcount with various Law Enforcement Agencies? How about the virtual army of slave labor that the government refers to as the "Corrections Industry"?

Marijuana prohibition is the central mechanism behind the profit machine that's paying the rich and powerful. They won't ever give it up.