Folding Bike Concept With Foldable Wheels


Though this thing is reminscent of the K'Nex sets we had as children, it certainly is an intriguing concept that could go along way if executed correctly. The folding bike design by Victor Aleman takes the folding bike to the next logical level. Instead of a mere folding frame sported on other folding bikes, it folds down to the wheels and fits neatly in a tiny, invisible box. We'll assume the box is small enough to carry like a suitcase, though it's difficult to discern the exact size the designer had in mind without any frame of reference in the picture.

Regardless of its exact dimensions, this bike concept is clearly the next step in folding bikes. While the rest of the design from the excessive use of fluorescent orange to the tireless wheels to the dual-triangle frame to the cylindrical pedals o' death is questionable, the idea of breaking the bike down to the wheels would certainly be a welcome one for commuters that need to lug their bikes into a bus, train or office. 

While we probably shouldn't expect to see this particular design on the market ever, it certainly helps advance the conversation of clean, convenient commuting options.

Dvice via Uncooped  

Oct 12, 2009
by Anonymous


This looks terribly difficult and time consuming to fold or unfold. A video to prove me wrong would be nice.