Project Natal--XBOX's Controller-Less, Motion-Based Gaming Coming Next Year

Firming up details on Project Natal, Microsoft's upcoming motion-based gaming hardware that was announced back in the summer, a recent leak has indicated a release date and pricing.

According to information leaked to U.K. gaming magazine MCV, Natal will come out next November and will be priced in the $50 to $80 range, well below what many were expecting. It will even include a game pack consisting of 14  games. The hardware will be available both as an add-on for current Xbox 360 owners and in Xbox 360 bundles. Five million units are being manufactured for the launch. 

For those that haven't heard, Project Natal is a motion-based system that doesn't require any form of physical controller. The system uses a number of cameras and movement and sound sensors to detect players' motions and translate them into gaming actions. 

The low price range will make Natal a very tempting purchase for those that play Xbox but have wanted some of the experience offered by Nintendo Wii. Of course, it's still just a rumor, so the actual price could be well above that range. I guess we have about a year to find out (assuming the launch date is accurate). 

Sony is also expected to launch motion-based hardware for PlayStation 3, albeit a system that requires a physical controller. 

Via: Gizmodo