4Fitness: Big Gym, Tiny Footprint

Combining the love of urban living with the endless pursuit of the perfectly sculpted body is a difficult compromise usually met with a gym membership. Yes, the gym offers endless fitness opportunity without the constraints of studio-apartment walls.

Unfortunately, not everyone wants to go to a gym. More to the point, not everyone will go to the gym, membership fees or not.


Seeking to help the average urbanite deal with this disparity, and trying to earn himself a little lovin' from James "The Better Vacuum" Dyson at the same time, the designer of 4Fitness has created a beautiful solution for the small-home gym.

On the fitness side, the 4Fitness is an all-in-one design that provides strength, endurance, balance, agility and mental training--a comprehensive platform that will surely get you turning the heads of both sexes in no time. On the limited-space front, the 4Fitness features an against-the-wall, fold-up design that limits the footprint and makes the gym easy to get out of the way when it's not being used. 

The designer sought to make the 4Fitness blend seamlessly into its living-room surroundings and even equipped the gym with a  built-in TV. Instead of the various clunky machines one would ordinarily associate with home gyms, this comprehensive device uses a series of small parts that can be purchased and added on to create the ideal workout. When not in use, the device is almost out of sight, but not enough so to drive exercise out of mind. 

In case you didn't quite understand what kind of lovin' Mr. Dyson might be laying down on the 4Fitness, the exercise design is up for a 2009 James Dyson Design Award.

While I'm neither a city dweller or a fitness guru, I can certainly appreciate the smart design executed here. For a not-so-exciting five minutes, be sure to check out more 4Fitness action than you can handle in the video below.

 James Dyson Awards via Dvice