Top This! Candelabras On Corks For Your Empty Wine Bottles

Your grandmother, back in the day, re-used wine bottles as candle holders - for a single candle.  She may have also had a candelabra, generally an ornate silver, bronze, or metal multi-candle holder on a pedestal. 

If you missed the candelabra era, don't worry... it's back.  This time, with a twist. Instead of the candle holder's decorative arms being cast on a pedestal, the new candelabras are designed with corks to pop into the top of your empty wine bottle. Someone must have seen an old Chianti bottle with a drippy candle in it and said, "I can do better than that!"

Well, you be the judge.


1. Bordeaux Candelabra

This wrought iron 5-candle holder is nicely balanced on a cork to pop into your favorite wine bottle. The glass Bordeaux grapes give the candelabra a more festive touch. Despite the Bordeaux Candelabra's heavy appearance, the shipping weight is only 5 ounces.  Dimensions are 7 x 7 inches. (Available here.)




2.   Wine Bottle Triple Arm Candelabra

This larger and heavier candelabra is made of metal with an antique bronze finish, and the design is redolent of candle holders of the "Spanish modern" style popular in the 1970's. The dimensions without bottle are 5-1/2" H x 9-1/4" W.  The style of candles you use can alter the look of the design somewhat. (Available here.)




3.  Pine Cone Candelabra

The pine cones add a nice rustic decor to this metal candelabra. Tall candles would make the candle holder more formal, but I would watch for top-heaviness; you don't want a slight wind through the door knocking this one down.  Pine Cone Candelabra