Edison Nation Plays The Name Game: Name This Product Competition



If you're good at coming up with names for products, Edison Nation has got just the competition for you.  The online intermediary between inventors and big companies has added Name Searches to its Live Product Searches.  Entries to its first naming competition are due January 18, 2010, so you better get started!  

Your challenge is to create a name for "A no-mess wall planter for apartment dwellers that is extremely innovative," writes Edison Nation. The target customers are "retired people, gardeners, people that enjoy fresh vegetables without having to get their hands dirty, college students, urban dwellers/ people with limited living space..."

The product's pricepoint is $19.95 and its "competitor" is listed as Topsy Turvy, which produces tomato and strawberry plants that hang upside down. Check out the logo on the Topsy Turvy website, although Edison Nation is not asking for a logo, just a name. 

We covered another upside down tomato plant called the Upside Down Tomato Garden on InventorSpot, and we wrote about another upside down plant called the Boskke Sky Planter.  You might also want to take a look at these unusual indoor plants to check out names that have already been used. 

Whether you have had experience branding items or not, I suggest you read 10 Tips For Branding Your Invention for a quick review of all the ways you can create an excellent brand.

This competition should be fun for anyone to enter.   Those whose names are chosen by the product owner will win a $500 prize.

See Edison Nation for details about entering this Name Search.  And good luck!


Jan 10, 2010
by Anonymous

Rip off?

They charge U 5.00 to submit an idea?

& we wonder why we dont have Innovation or Jobs in the US.