Pub Fights In Britain Spur Innovation In Bar Glasses

Image from Unreality MagImage from Unreality Mag Britain's Home Secretary, Alan Johnson, has decided to take a crack at reducing the cost of health care in Great Britain. He's going after the pint glass, weapon of choice in Britain's popular sport of pub fighting.  

Here in the States, we would think that the government would take law enforcement measures to crack down on the offenders.  But apparently, tradition is more important to the Brits. Why deny pub goers their pleasures? 

The British Design Council was called in and promptly enlisted a company to make the glasses more difficult to smash and less dangerous to the victim. What a civilized solution to the rising cost of violence ( £2.7 million a year) caused by pub pint glasses. Don't you just love the Brits?  

An entrepreneurial British firm, DesignBridge, was selected to create the new pub glass designs.  They've designed two prototypes, the Twin Wall and the Glass Plus.  They will reduce the injuries and costs associated with pub fights, if not the urge to pop one over your mate's head. 

Here is a diagram of the Twin Wall, a laminated glass...


Twin Wall Design by Design Bridge (Image from Creative Review, UK)Twin Wall Design by Design Bridge (Image from Creative Review, UK)


And the second prototype, Glass Plus...


Glass Plus Design, by Design Bridge (Image from Creative Review, UK)Glass Plus Design, by Design Bridge (Image from Creative Review, UK)


David Helps, director of 3D and innovation at Design Bridge, says, ‘The beauty of these glasses is that they keep everything British drinkers love about their pint. They look good, work better and are safer in front of and behind the bar.’

I'll drink to that!





Feb 7, 2010
by Anonymous

87,000 glass attacks, not 87,000 bar attacks

... says the original article. The actual number of bar fights is probably much higher.

Feb 7, 2010
by Toby
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Thank you!