Mypressi TWIST Makes Rich Espresso Portable

Mypressi has made a hit with its new TWIST Portable Espresso Maker.  Not only a consumer favorite, the TWIST was voted the best new product of 2009/2010 by the Specialty Coffee Association of America.

Nothing big, heavy, or complicated here. The Mypressi TWIST just makes fantastic espresso, and makes it easily and fast. And you can take it with you from home to the office, on trips, or camping.

Just place a coffee pod or enough ground coffee for one or two espresso shots in the coffee holder, place the holder into the lower level of the vacuum press, pour in almost boiling water, close the lid, and pull the trigger on the handle of the TWIST.






Mypressi TWIST ensures a clean, smooth espresso extraction.  Use it as a base for cappuccino, mochas, lattes, frozen coffee drinks and chocolate mousse too!


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Feb 16, 2010
by Anonymous

Mypressi Twist

Who in his/her Right Mind will pay $149.00 for this???? not me..

Feb 16, 2010
by Anonymous

mypressi twist

If it was $50.00 I would have a couple