World's First Mechanical Cell Phone Looks Gorgeous, Costs Too Much

Mechanical watches have always looked far more distinguished and classy than their digital counterparts. Just try earning any respect by pairing a digital watch with a fine Italian suit if you have any doubts.

Celsius X VI II has chosen to take this tact with the other mandatory, ubiquitous electronic accessory that you carry with you every day of the year: the cell phone. The phone is a flip phone that features some mechanics clearly at work through its transparent face. It also features an analog clock.


Unfortunately, the details on exactly how the phone works and what aspects of it are mechanical are still pretty foggy. Here's a description from Celsius X VI II:

" In the beginning, there was the idea of bringing together two worlds separated by nearly five centuries of history to create a new nomadic item. Celsius X VI II's showpiece is the very first blended product of its kind. Never before have micromechanics and microelectronics been combined in such a way. Yet being a "first" is not this creation's most remarkable quality. That status would limit it to being merely a juxtaposition that, while indeed original, would probably be expected. This concept goes far beyond that."

Yeah, your guess is as good as ours.

The company will make the phone official at Baselworld, the Switzerland-based watch and jewelery show that will commence on  Thursday. Until then, we'll have to be content with staring in awe at the pictures and watching the promo video below, which, incidentally, will leave you more confused than ever.

Oh, and this one costs $275,000 so don't expect to pick it up on your next trip to the mall.

Celsius via Dvice and Gizmodo

Mar 17, 2010
by Anonymous

Wow, I am glad at $275,000


I am glad at $275,000 it automatically adjusts for daylight savings, sync's with the atomic clock, can correct automatically for changes in locale (when I leave Chicago and fly to Hong Kong).

Oh wait...its a clock...on a cell is so 1500's and the other is so last century...who the heck carries around a cell phone anymore?

I have a handheld (not hands, not lap, not " I " blah blah blah) computer and use it for all my phone calls...cell phone...analog clock...maybe for the jitterbug crowd.

Also, what is an Italian suit? What is a suit? Oh, I know that rappers wear them when they have to repeatedly hear the 5 words they hate the most..."Will the defendant please rise", but any moron who wears an Italian suit or a suit for that matter to make their living now...well good luck to ya....

Mar 23, 2010
by Anonymous

1 Celsius = 900 iPhones

Yet another one of God's ways of telling people they have too much money...