Take That Old 45 For A Spin In The GGRP Carboard Record Sleeve

The GGRP Group knows and does sound - sound design, music production, voice directing, casting, music, script writing, and audio post production.  And if that's not enough, they've invented a box.  No, no ordinary box... it's a corrugated record sleeve, that doubles as a record player.  After all, you probably don't have one of those any longer... if you ever did.


Cardboard Record Player: GGRP Sound: ©GGRPCardboard Record Player: GGRP Sound: ©GGRP


The design looks very simple.  Start with a an elongated corrugated cardboard panel, create three equivalent panels with two folds, add a small nub, the size of the hole in a 45 rpm record, and a needle.  Oh, and bring a pencil and a 45 to the party. 


Cardboard Record Player: GGRP Sound: ©GGRPCardboard Record Player: GGRP Sound: ©GGRP


GGRP Sound is being used to market the services of GGRP (Griffiths, Gibson and Ramsay Productions), and was sent out as a direct-mail marketing piece. GGRP even used recycled cardboard.

Clever, eh?  Well, that's not the only thing GGRP did that was clever.  Right in the 1950's style of the old 45 records, GGRP produced this advertising video for the mailer.



Just think of how much better off the earth would be if everyone was as inventive in their direct mail pieces?  And we'd all have so much more fun opening our mail.


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