iPhone & Android In Bed Together With Knocking Live Video App

Apps are finally bridging the communication gap between mobile platforms and Knocking Live is the first to pioneer the effort. Developed for both iPhone and Android devices, this app can broadcast live video between both smartphone devices.  So whether you belong to the Apple or Google tribe, technology has found a way to make these competitors play nice.

Pointy Heads Software, creators of the video-streaming app supported by 3G,launched an entire platform redesign, along with an Android version of Knocking Live Video in beta at CTIA. Not only is the new version of Knocking Live Video the only phone to phone video-streaming app for 3G networks, it also works online and across platforms as a fully-fledged social network.

“We’ve had enormous success as the only phone-to-phone 3G video app on the iPhone. Knocking just keeps on growing,” said Jim Montalto co-founder of Pointy Heads Software. “We’re excited to debut on Android, and to let Android users interact with iPhone users in ways they haven’t ever been able to before.”

The app has been downloaded approximately 13,000 times daily and has consistently ranked in the top 10 of free social networking apps since peaking at #3 within two days of launch in December, 2009.

While not the handheld videoconferencing solution many business folks have been waiting for, it's the first step in allowing friends and contacts to share their live video stream similar to how we exchange photos. Knocking is also developing software for Blackberry, Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS, so that mobile users can use on additional devices.

Register at their site, download the (free) app to your iPhone or Android device, and you can start video-streaming immediately.