The Chilipad Maintains Your Perfect Temperature All Night


We have all been there.  You go to bed and bury yourself under a mountain of cozy covers, only to wake up a few hours later completely roasting, the sheets soaked with sweat.  You throw the blankets off and can feel the steam rising off your body as you drift back off to sleep, but you awake again a short while later, freezing cold.  Sometimes the weather is the culprit for the extreme temperature changes, sometimes it is your own body fluctuations and other times it is a sleep partner who is giving off heat or cold.  No matter the reason, it is frustrating to say the least.

The ChiliPad is here to save you from these annoyingly restless sleeps.  This innovative mattress topper can be set to the temperature you like to sleep at and it will regulate the temperature under the covers all night.  It even comes in a dual zone model so that you and your partner can each set your own ideal sleep temperature.  Also comforting is the fact that unlike electric blankets, the only thing running under the pad (and next to you) is water.  The ChiliPad uses technology similar to the cooling system that is used in computers and is said to be quiet and inexpensive to run.

This product seems like a great idea, especially for anyone who regularly struggles with body temperature changes or for partners who cannot seem to agree on where to set the thermostat or how many blankets to have on the bed.  Sleep is incredibly important for our overall health and well being and staying at a comfortable temperature all night can really help. (Buy Chilipad)


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