Unique Gifts For Mom's Day To Suit Any Budget and Personality

Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you don’t want mom to think you have completely forgotten.  Take a look at this list of unique gifts to fit every price range and type of mom and then get shopping.


For the soon to be mom who is having trouble getting a good night’s sleep there is the Womb for Two pregnancy sleep system.  This ergonomically designed body pillow is made to contour specifically to a pregnant woman’s body.  The creator (a mom) has taken all of the common pregnancy discomforts into consideration with this design.


For the work at home mom (or office mom) there is the Warmly Yours Under Desk Heater.  This small, plug-in floor mat provides radiant heat and costs far less to operate than a space heater.



For the multi-tasking or gourmet cooking mom there is the Chef’s Quad Timer from ThinkGeek.  This timer can be set for four different items at a time.  It can be used to time four food items on the stove, as the lights correspond to stove-top elements or can be used to time other events (such as time-outs for three children and a batch of cookies).

For the technologically-challenged mom you may want to consider the Kodak Pulse digital frame.  This cool frame has its own email address, so you can easily load updated pictures for mom whenever you want and from wherever you are and save mom the hassle.  This makes a great gift for moms of grown up children who live far away. 


The sentimental mom will cry buckets of joyful tears when she opens up the Voice Quilt.  This unique concept incorporates a keepsake item, such as a photo box, and recorded messages from loved ones that mom can replay anytime she likes.


The sporty mom who is always outdoors will surely appreciate the Vizini.  This lightweight visor attaches to the arms of sunglasses or regular glasses so that mom can rush off to her next appointment without that horrible hat-head look.


 Sources: Kodak.com, Vizini.com, WarmlyYours.com 


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Apr 29, 2010
by Anonymous


I think technology is the way to go. New gizmos and gadgets are coming out on a daily basis and it's hard to stay on top of it all (especially with the ridiculous prices). So this year I decided to buy my mom the newest in cell phone technology. Well, not the newest, but definitely the cheapest. I bought her a pay as you go Net10 cell phone. The plan is simple: you pay only for the minutes that you need/use and you pay only 10 cents a minute and 5 cents a text. It's ideal for people who don't wanna waste money on minutes they don't use! She's going to love the new addition to her technology pool.

Apr 29, 2010
by Kim Patterson

Sounds great!

That sounds like a really good gift, especially for someone who wants to have a cell phone on them for occasioanl use.  Thanks for sharing your gift idea!