OfferMeATrip: Travel Agencies Fight To Get Travellers Their Dream Vacations

Everyone wants to get their dream vacation, but finding everything they want for a price they like can be easier said than done. Not anymore with OfferMeATrip, a company sets up a bidding war amongst travel agencies to help get travellers what they want, and what better than competition to encourage it?

OfferMeATrip is actually based in London, and primarily caters to vacationers from the UK. The way it works is travellers outline their ideal holidays, including where they'd like to go, for how long, things they'd like to do while there, and other important elements. Plus of course they provide their budget. Then, the travel agents that are in the company's network put together trip proposals which travellers can browse online. Once they've selected the one that's right for them, all that's left to do is book.

OfferMeATrip is an atypical travel service. In the end, like all others, it helps people book a vacation. But instead of having to leaf through brochures and pre-packaged vacations, would-be travellers are directly catered to within a competitive environment.

Via: Springwise