Bringing Cube World To Life

Having recently started a job that requires a lot of time in a cubicle, I, like many of you, need to keep it entertaining so as to go comatose. But, rather than gunk up my space with tacky knickknacks and cheesy pictures, I chose to go with something playful, yet imaginative: Cube World .

Cube World can best be described as an electronic community of animated stick figures, each of which occupies their own niche within a singular electronic cube where they play, think and sleep. Each cube has magnetic sensors on each side so you can attach them to other cubes thereby making them interactive. And with 6 series of figures you can make a veritable desktop town. Among others, there is Hans who lifts weights, Sparky, a firefighter, and, my personal favorite due simply to relativity, Toner the cubicle worker. They can live seperately or, when connected, with one another as they wonder from cube to cube. The fun is seeing who does what in their respective or one another's cubes, and with 100 different animations per cube you won't often get bored with them.

The idea of the cubes is simple enough, and I thought I would find them redundant and annoying. But, as I've said, they are great to put up in a spot where they won't get constant attention but rather a notice from across the room that will make someone say "Hey, this is kind of cool." I could also see them as a great idea for a child's bedroom or playroom, but they are only recommended for kids 8 and up. They come two to a series, so to build that stick-figure-city I was talking about you'll have to buy a few sets. Also, i think they've added a few new figures since I got mine (a few weeks ago) and I hope they plan to add more considering their popularity. If that's the case you can slowly but surely add to your digital metropolis. So get to stickin'!

You can find CubeWorld at Amazon.

Seth Plattner
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