Great Recharging Lamp

I love modern living...the comforts, the ease, the speed of life is something I really enjoy. What drives me mad are the meters of cables and wires that are necessary to keep modern life, well, liveable. Mobiles allow us to stay in touch with work and home from any location on earth...but require cables to stay charged. I can carry my favorite music with me on the next business junket, but the iPod charger needs to be packed too. My Bluetooth keeps me connected to my work, but even that needs a charger to keep blinking. It's too irksome, cables and yet more cables.

Where is the wire free world?

Certainly not in my house.

Which is why I quite like this table lamp.

Recharging LampRecharging LampThe Recharging Lamp is an innovative gadget that can at least keep all the wires in one place, if not make them disappear. The back of this lamp serves as a docking as well as recharging device for most personal electronic items like PDAs, iPods, cell phones etc.

In addition to this, the Recharging Lamp has twin full spectrum bulbs to illuminate your table or work place. Amazing isn't it?

The lamp heads pivot and swivel to give optimal light and the bulbs simulate natural daylight indoors, reducing glare and strain to the eyes. The lamp delivers an equivalent of 140-watts with 8000-hour bulb life. To jazz up the table, the lamp comes with replaceable accent caps in a variety of colors like pink, black, silver, gold, green and blue to help you match it to your digital devices being charged.

After all who does not love a color coordinated home? The Recharging Lamp comes for about $50...peanuts to help decrease the clutter. (via UberGizmo )

Aditi Simlai Tiwari
Lifestyle Writer
American Inventor Spot