Timeless Design in a Bedside Timepiece

Have it up to here with high-tech gizmos?

Sure they have their place, but not on the nightstand causing you to fumble with myriad tiny buttons in the dark every time you want to check the time. If you've ever smashed a digital clock out of frustration ala Bill Murray in "Groundhog Day" ("then put your little hand in mine..."), then the limited edition LED Wood Clock by TAKUMI of Japan is the answer to your dreams!

Go back - way back. Before the Electronic Age, before even the Iron Age or Stone Age to the exquisite simplicity of wood. The great sage and eminent chicken roaster Kenny Rogers once said "It's the wood that makes it good", and he wasn't just talkin' through his whiskers.

The LED Clock displays no buttons, no touch pads, no chrome - just naturally beautiful, fine-grained wood handmade into an objet d'art worthy of a Zen garden.

The design is timeless - well OK, maybe not literally since this IS a clock after all. Let's cut to the chase: when it's off, all you see is a nicely finished chunk of wood a little over 8" long and 3½" in cross section.

Turn it on, and big ol' 70s-style red LED digits mysteriously appear. It's no mystery really, as the block isn't solid at all. The clever folks at TAKUMI have hollowed out the block, especially on the side where the time is displayed. There, the wood is thin enough to allow the light of the LEDs to shine forth. Now isn't that really all you need? No alarm, no radio, no soothing sea sounds to stimulate slumber. Just time... something that's always in short supply.

The TAKUMI LED Wood Clock is a limited edition item yet may still be available from Compact Impact, whose US showroom is located at 71 Broadway, Suite 19C, New York, NY. Price is listed as $146 but may vary. Be sure and call in advance for an appointment!

EDITOR'S NOTE: A virtually identical wood alarm clock is now available here on Amazon for less than $20.

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Steve Levenstein

May 5, 2007
by intooblivion (not verified)

Interesting product

That gives a whole new meaning to the term "morning wood".