Twitter Jockey To Compete In MTV Social Media Idol Contest

Are you up for the challenge to compete against other top social media gurus for the coveted title of MTV "Twitter Jockey?" Do you even know what that job title means?

Announced today, MTV is looking for the best of the best to tweet about their popular shows throughout the Twittersphere. From 'The Jersey Shore' to 'True Life,' the position is responsible for catapulting MTV's reach globally.

If anyone can remember back in the early days of MTV - Video Jockeys, or 'VJs' was also a first-time position for the MTV network.  Does anyone remember any of these face from the 80s?


To capture the MTV TJ gig, the winning candidate will be selected out of a field of 20 social media aficionados, 18 of which will be surfaced by MTV and and two that will be selected by the public.

The live finale will air on TV, August 8 where the viewing audience will determine the winner out of a final field of five, after all candidate compete in head-to-head in challenges showing the effectiveness of the microblogging platform for MTV.

MTV did not indicate how they would select the 18 candidates, aside from "scouring through social media networks" to find the "most active in the space."

MTV General Manager Stephen Friedman said the MTV TJ gig is "a natural evolution of how we connect with our audience." MTV is looking for someone who “will be dynamic, engaging and energized, an enthusiast within the social media world. Somebody who will represent the audience by taking their thoughts and questions and … through an ongoing dialogue with them, be able to bring those questions inside the walls here to the people who make MTV.”

The Twitter Jockey will also attend all the red-carpet events and even appear on-air from time to time. The MTV Twitter Jockey will work in New York headquarter office and earn a six-figure salary. Starting Monday (June 14), viewers can nominate themselves or their favorite Twitter or Facebook friends for the TJ position.

Update - June 22 - Two contestants who has a good shot at winning the coveted TJ Jockey position can be found in a related post - see "Betting On The MTV Twitter Jockey Who Will Make It To The Finish Line (POLL)."

No word if there is an age restriction for the position, but I'm assuming Robert Scoble and the Guy Kawasaki might be a little too old for the MTV demographic.  Your thoughts?

Guy Kawasaki & Robert ScobleGuy Kawasaki & Robert Scoble