The Miracle Blanket Makes Baby Swaddling A Cinch


New parents know the frustration of trying to learn to swaddle a baby.  In the hospital, the staff make it all look so easy.  A fold here, a wrap there, fold, wrap, fold, tuck...and voila...happy, soothed baby.  You think that you have it all mastered.  Really, how hard can it be?  It's kind of like a burrito, right?  Then you spend your first day and night at home.  Every attempt at this elusive swaddling technique goes completely awry.     



The Miracle Blanket was made to end the mystery and allow every new parent to be an expert swaddler.  The fact is that most tiny babies love to be swaddled.  It makes them feel safe and secure.  The Miracle blanket is fashioned in a way that makes it quick and easy to swaddle a baby.  The baby is placed in the center of the blanket.  There are arm flaps on either side that are then wrapped around each arm and tucked under the infant.  The baby’s feet are then tucked into a pocket at the bottom and the sides are wrapped around the baby.



The whole process looks simple enough and the product comes with a 100 percent guarantee of satisfaction.  The company claims that babies will sleep longer and deeper when wrapped in the blanket and that even babies who prefer to sleep on their tummies will sleep better on their backs when they are wrapped in the blanket.  They also say that breastfeeding will be easier when using this product.  It sounds like it would be worth a try if your baby is having sleeping troubles. (See Miracle Blanket)


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