Because The World Could Always Use More Foods On Sticks, How About Waffles?


If you have been looking for another way to eat waffles (and who hasn’t?) then you should take a look at this waffle maker.  The Lolly by Triangular Concept produces four waffle pops at a time.  I was so excited when I read about this product that I immediately showed it to my husband.  Being not that forward thinking when it comes to waffles I guess, he expressed concern about the butter and syrup not staying on the waffle once it is picked up.  I explained that the waffles could easily be dipped bite by bite in any number of delicious toppings.  Besides, the drippy-ness of foods on sticks is kind of part of their charm.

Just imagine the possibilities!  These could be dipped in syrup for a traditional breakfast with a twist.  They could be dunked in fruit purees or jam (with some whipped cream too, of course).  They could also be doused in chocolate or caramel for an even more decadent treat. 

They would make a great food for a kid’s birthday party or a fun addition if you are hosting a brunch at your house.  I am going to have to look into one of these.