Social Media Is Not About Sweating The Small Stuff, Mr. Zuckerberg!

In a social media and public relations coup, the stars may be finally aligning for Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook. Demeaned, dogged, demonized and demoralized by his user-base, the press, the federal government and even a biopic movie about to hit the Silver Screen, Mr. Z has been an easy target for one and all. In an upcoming interview with ABC's Diane Sawyer, he has a chance to redeem himself.

Not since his Lesley Stahl's "60 Minutes"  2008 interview has the Facebook founder had as large an audience to help repair his public image. However before he goes back under the national spotlight (both literally and figuratively) he needs to learn how NOT to 'not sweat the small stuff.'

As you can see in this interview at the D8 Conference with Kara Swisher from "All Things Digital," - he's not only having a hard time putting his sentences together - he's sweating profusely.

Hopefully as I'm writing this post, Zuckerberg is being well coached by some 'top moneyed' image consultants that are providing him with the best tips and guidance available today to overcome his biological proclivity for perspiring. In not doing so, like the public figures before him who were perceived as shifty, he could turn this golden opportunity into greater fodder for his critics.

My advice would be - number one - chuck the hoodie!  While he has made that garment almost as famous as himself - it is now tainted with some unnecessary baggage that I don't think he wants to repeat on national TV. In my previous post, titled, "Facebook Under The Hood(ie): Zuckerberg's Insignia Signifies Cult Leader?" when he was interviewed by Kara Fisher at the D8 Conference - and she was successful in getting him to remove the hoodie - she unveiled an insignia on the inside of the jacket that made Zuckerberg appear more like a cult leader than the head of the world's largest social network.

Mark Zuckerberg's Hoodie InsigniaMark Zuckerberg's Hoodie Insignia

However, if he persists in going down that road once again, I would tell him to purchase a light-weight version that doesn't come branded with the Facebook seal. Additionally, I would advise him to buy the world's most expensive deodorant that guarantees hours of dryness.

Based on a tip from Andrew Wallenstein at Hollywood Rewired, I would suggest he watch Albert Brooks performance in the now classic movie, "Broadcast News" - and the famous Nixon/ JFK tapes - as to what not to do when you're in front of a camera, up front, close and personal.

If all else fails in the sweat-gland department, extreme measures might be required in the form of Botox. Check out the work of Dr. Nikola Milojevic, dubbed the "Botox King" by the UK Media as he promises to banish excessive sweating for individuals up to one full year.

Good luck Mr. Z! As you get ready for your close-up with Ms. Sawyer, I'm sure the whole world will have something to say about you had to say - whether you come out of this interview dripping wet or dry as a whistle!

However sweating the small stuff is never a good idea  and might be the one thing that gets in the way of us listening to the points you have to make on the 'big stuff' - namely,  the privacy of your 500 million users!