The Lotus Music Candle Adds The Pyrotechnics Your Birthday Bash Was Missing


So, if you are planning a birthday bash and are having trouble finding something that will really wow the crowd and cap off the event then the Lotus Music Candle may just do the trick.  There are a lot of fancy, shaped candles on the market.  You can get them in pretty much any form you can think of, but they just don’t add a lot of extra impact.  Adding a few sparklers can inject a little more fun, but the effect is still rather ordinary and predictable.  The Lotus Music Candle combines a unique candle shape with music and pyrotechnics to create a new birthday party experience.



The candle is shaped to resemble a closed lotus flower.  It can be presented on its own or be placed on top of a birthday cake.  When it is time to light the candle, a lit incense stick touched to the pistil of the flower will start the show.  The petals will unfold, each with a burning candle and the center will emit a lively pyrotechnics show – all of this while also playing “Happy Birthday”.

This sounds like it would make an interesting addition to a special event – maybe for one of those special numbered birthdays like 40, 50 or 75.  I’d just make sure that there isn’t anyone really excitable sitting too close.