Truly An Invention Every Consumer Needs: ANYWAY® Spray

We all have frustrations with gadgets that just don't work.  And we think, 'Some day I'm going to invent a better light bulb,' or whatever.  Well, finally, someone invented a fix for the d**n bottle spray, which obviously never wanted us to fully use what it was spraying.


ANYWAY Spray (It works upside down!): © Michael PritchardANYWAY Spray (It works upside down!): © Michael Pritchard


ANYWAY Spray (It works at any angle!): © Michael PritchardANYWAY Spray (It works at any angle!): © Michael Pritchard


The fix was not as obvious as you might think.  It took someone like the inventor, Michael Pritchard, to come up with the right solution.  He was just as frustrated as we are, wasting products from perfume to toilet bowl cleaner that can only be used in one position and only until the fluid continues to cover the bottom of the exit tube.  This technology, he thought, never should have been tolerated by the market for such a long time, and that is embarrassingly true.

Pritchard, an inveterate inventor, had experience with water bottles as creator of the Lifesaver bottle that makes contaminated water potable.  He theorized that the reason the spray gadget wasn't working, is because there is only one hole at the end of the 'dip tube.'  So Pritchard created a tube with millions of holes in it, rather than one.

ANYWAY design by Michael Pritchard: © Michael PritchardANYWAY design by Michael Pritchard: © Michael Pritchard

ANYWAY - How it works: © Michael PritchardANYWAY - How it works: © Michael PritchardThe ANYWAY tube has a hydrophillic membrane that attracts water, rather than rejecting it like a solid tube. Therefore, no matter which way you hold the bottle as you spray, the contents will be released as long as they have contact with the tube.

Pritchard has designed the ANYWAY for various kinds of spray and pump bottles and is awaiting corporate licensees.  Below, Pritchard himself explains the workings and benefits of ANYWAY.











Thank you, Mr. Pritchard!  We hope you get some big licensees.

Dragon's Den, ANYWAY Spray via Gizmag



Jun 18, 2012
by Anonymous

Anyway Spray Bottle

Three guesses why the companies that sell products in these bottles choose a bottle style that doesn't use the last 1/8th? I will be surprised if P&G and all those other good corporate citizens use this invention unless the PR makes them look greedy.