Sun Guard Turns Regular Clothes Into Sun Protection Pieces


There is so much information out there these days about the harmful effects of the sun.  We know the importance of wearing sunscreen to protect our skin and sunglasses and hats to protect our eyes, but many of us make one key mistake in our protection efforts.  We often assume that if our skin is covered by clothing that it is shielded from the damaging rays.  The truth is that different pieces of clothing offer different levels of protection, some being very low.

To enhance this protection factor you can add Sun Guard to your laundry washing routine.  This product is meant to increase your clothing’s sun protection to UPF 30.  To use, the package of Sun Guard is added to the wash along with your regular amount of detergent.  The effects of the product are said to last through 20 washes, so there is no need to include this in every load of laundry.

Of course there are sun protection clothing pieces on the market and they fit in well in certain situations, but if you want some extra assurance while wearing your regular clothing then this could be a great option.   It is recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation and sounds like it is very easy to use.  The best part is that it works on all different types of washable fabrics, is safe for use on children’s clothing and will not change the feel or breathability of your clothes. (See Sun Guard)


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Oct 20, 2010
by Anonymous

I am little bit confused

ok so...SunGuard protects me but, can you explain alittle bit better what it is? Is this like a liquid that i summerge my clothing on, or is it like a powder that i put on top of my stuff.