There's Invention In This Little Black Dress: It's A Cellphone

Cute Circuit, a London fashion house that specializes in wearable technology has unveiled its latest addition to its fashion line.  The M-dress, your basic black cellphone dress.

There are no pockets in the dress; you won't need them.  You don't need to carry a purse; won't need that either.  What you will need is to decide which number you want the phone to call, because it will only call one.


The Basic Black Cellphone Dress: M-dress by Cute Circuit: © Cute Circuit via TheStar.comThe Basic Black Cellphone Dress: M-dress by Cute Circuit: © Cute Circuit via


Don't worry though, the cellphone, which is built into the cuff of the left-hand sleeve, along with the SIM card, can take calls from anyone; you just can't call them back.  But, as the co-designer of the dress, Francesca Rosella, told The Star, the cellphone dress is not meant to be worn every day.  It's a dress for special occasions.

The M-dress is actually kind of cool, like a 'superspy' dress.  When the phone rings you raise your left hand to your ear (that better be your good ear!) and talk. When you lower your hand, the phone hangs up.  It looks a lot cooler than walking around with a Bluetooth in your ear, when you're dressed up for a night out.

What made Rosella and her partner Ryan Genz invent this dress?  Like most inventors, Rosella was inspired by a need; in this case, the need to find her phone in her purse before the phone stopped ringing.

Rosella and Genz also invented the Hug Shirt, one of Time's best inventions of 2006.  That is the shirt, if you remember, that allows your friends to send hugs to you as your shirt receives Bluetooth data through sensors embedded in it. The newest version of the Hug Shirt receives hugs and lights up while you're being hugged. There is hardware and special software required to send hugs; you can learn more about it on the Hug-Shirt page of the Cute Circuit website.


The Hug Shirt by Cute Circuit: © Cute CircuitThe Hug Shirt by Cute Circuit: © Cute Circuit


This lovely Galaxy Dress, another creation of the Cute Circuit team will be going to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago to take its place in the museum's permanent collection.  The silk dress actually has a layer of LED fabric, a 40-layer petticoat, and 4,000 hand-applied Swarovski crystals... among other things.


The Galaxy Dress by Cute Circuit: © Cute CircuitThe Galaxy Dress by Cute Circuit: © Cute Circuit


You see, invention is everywhere; there are no boundaries.

Sources:  Cute Circuit, The Star, via PopSci