Daddy Scrubs Keep Dad Cool And Comfortable On The Big Day


In the whole baby birthing process, dads kind of get lost.  There is so much focus on the mother and baby (and rightfully so) that fathers-to-be tend to get stuck on the sidelines of all of the hubbub.  In truth, dads play an important role too.  They are there to comfort and support the mom-to-be and are also excitedly and nervously awaiting the arrival of their new little bundle.  The thing is that babies often choose to make their appearance so unexpectedly that the dads have no time to prepare themselves.  Mom has usually had a hospital bag packed for weeks ahead of time and the medical staff has everything that they will need, but poor dad is left to wait around in whatever he happened to pull on in his mad dash out the door.



Now expectant dads have another choice for hospital attire.  Daddy Scrubs are medical style scrubs that come with “I’m the Daddy” messages emblazoned on the backs of the shirts.  They come in three guy friendly colors (hunter green, khaki and navy seal blue) and a choice of two different scripts.  They are meant to be fun, stylish and comfortable for the big day.  They have a comfortable short-sleeve, v-neck style for the shirt and drawstring pants (with plenty of pockets for hands or other stuff).  They are also made of a cool and breathable poly/cotton blend, so that dad can feel as at ease as possible under the circumstances.

Daddy Scrubs seem like a pretty good idea.  They could be tucked inside mom’s hospital bag and then dad would not have to worry about what he has on when he arrives at the hospital.  If he is in nice clothes he won’t have to possibly mess them up and if he is in dirty clothes then he has something clean to put on before holding his new baby.      


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