CoolSculpting Freezes Away Your Excess Fat


With all of the cosmetic procedures out there these days most have us have wondered, if only in casually, what we might look like with a little nip or tuck.  While plastic surgery has certainly become quite popular over the years, I think that the majority of people are too afraid to actually go under the knife and risk the potential side effects of many procedures.  Well there is now a new, non-surgical option for those who want to get rid of a little flab here and there.



The CoolSculpting procedure by Zeltiq uses a freezing method to eliminate fat cells from the body.  The company claims that its system is a step above other fat reduction procedures in that it only targets the fat cells, while leaving other tissue unharmed. 

When a patient has the procedure, a cooling device is placed over the desired body area and the system goes to work removing energy (freezing) the underlying fat cells.  A gentle suction pulls the tissue during the procedure in order to properly target the fat.  Once frozen, the body will go to work naturally eliminating the treated fat cells.  

Results from this procedure are said to be evident in two to four months time.  Even more enticing, patients can have CoolSculpting done and go right back to their day to day activities.