Perfect Fit Button Offers No Hassle Waistband Adjustment


With fall here already, the holidays will be upon us before we know it.  Yes, yes, I know it seems far too early to be thinking about that, but you know it’s true.  Anyways, once the festivities roll around you may want to look into some Perfect Fit Buttons.  Everyone knows the discomfort of sitting around the table after a big holiday feast and feeling like your pants are going to burst.  This is especially true when you have already squeezed yourself into a slightly small pair to begin with.



The Perfect Fit Button is a pop-on, pop-off replacement or extra button for your pants.  The buttons can be poked through your waistband at any point to make them tighter or looser, whatever the case may be.  Another piece snaps tightly on the inside to hold the button in place.  They are crafted to look like regular buttons (a jeans version and 3 different colored ones).  However, if you are using them to quickly change the fit of your pants you will probably want to wear a belt or a long shirt to hide the fact that you have two buttons.

I think this could be a handy gadget for pregnant women and for children too so that sizes can be adjusted whenever necessary, without having to buy additional clothes.  You can find it here.   

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Nov 22, 2010
by Anonymous

This is an ancient idea and

This is an ancient idea and it doesn´t work - believe me I tried it 20 years ago!!