'Celery' Provides Fast Communication For The Computer Shy

Most of us spend 25 to 75 percent of our time online.  We read, write, Twitter, Facebook... and seldom write anything with pen and paper.  Many of our parents and grandparents, who don't use computers to communicate, have to rely on telephone calls or snail mail to communicate with us.  They had to do this until recently, when a new technology was invented that, like a fax machine, can send a hand-written note immediately - to your computer via email!


Celery looks like a printer/operates like a fax.Celery looks like a printer/operates like a fax.


The technology and the system is called Celery.  I have no idea why. Non-computer users purchase a Celery machine that can send hand-written messages to your e-mail address instead of your fax machine, and you can type an email response back to Celery owners by just hitting your 'send' button.  It will arrive on their Celery just as fast as they can get a phone call.  

Celery brings your friends and family into the world of speedy connection.  With this machine they can communicate just as fast as the rest of us, and be more involved and in touch with the people they love.


Celery sends Granddaddy's handwriiten note...Celery sends Granddaddy's handwriiten note...


....tnen Katie gets the message as fast as an email on her computer/: Celery....tnen Katie gets the message as fast as an email on her computer/: Celery


Not only can you send HTML messages, but you can send color photos in JPEG, RTF, GIF, TIFF, or PDF email attachments. And the Celery even supports RSS feeds, blogs, Twitter and Facebook.

First Street is selling the Celery for $99.95.  Users get the first month of service free, after which they can subscribe to a black and white or a color monthly or yearly service.

The Celery would make a great Christmas gift for a loved one!


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