Social Media Goes Monster To Help White House Find Jobs

With the mid-term elections behind the administration, unemployment continues to be the paramount issue for most Americans - and the reason so many are frustrated with the the current policies in place to turn it around. Party affiliations take a back seat when it comes to issues that hit one's pocketbook. Long-term initiatives are criticized in favor of quick fixes. To that end, the White House reaching out to to assist in finding jobs for the unemployed might be the first step in that direction.

Commencing on November 8, up through November 14, job seekers and registered users of the community can now engage on 'Monster Keep America Working' Facebook Page where they can direct questions to the Obama Administration with regards to all things related to employment. To date, over 9500 have 'LIKED' this fan page.

According to a Mashable report, the questions that get folks talking and tally the most 'LIKES' will be answered by the White House , who will video tape responses and post them online.

In a news report on November 5, Obama addressed the country and CNN posted this video to YouTube. Here he talks about U.S. jobs showing 10 straight months of growth - but also cautions that bipartisan effort is required to push these numbers even further.

While the nation's jobless rate remains at 9.6 percent, the economy added 150,000 jobs in its strongest showing in five months. The number of added jobs is more than the 100,000 needed to keep up with population growth but fewer than the 200,000 jobs experts say is needed to start returning the nation's 14.8 million unemployed people to work.

Also, reports that online job postings are up nationally, year over year, with postings for jobs in the Philadelphia region outpacing those in the rest of the nation. saw increased postings in transportation, production occupations, health care, office and administrative support, and legal.

Using social media tools is not foreign to the Obama Administration. Many believe it is the reason he actually won his election in 2008 (see previous post, "King Maker & Social Networking Made Obama A Rock Star?"). Over the past two years, he has answered user-submitted questions on YouTube's Citizen Tube Channel, when over 12,000 questions were submitted.

In October, Obama participated in an hour-long youth town hall event on MTV, BET and CMT where he responded to questions that were submitted via Twitter.

The initiative, however, is more targeted and cuts to the heart of the concern in the nation. It is the one underlying issue that affects the most people in the country today. Let's hope both parties can see the merit in this program and support  the administration's efforts, devoid of bipartisanship.

While some people hate their jobs, it's a common belief in today's economy - it's better to have one than to be without. Even Dr. Suess was a convert to that philosophy -  way back when!