Calling All Inventors! Everyday Edisons Season 4 Casting Calls

Everyday Edisions Is Casting Season 4Everyday Edisions Is Casting Season 4 Get your inventions ready for Season 4 of the Emmy award-winning show, Everyday Edisons.  Sorry, the casting directors are not coming to a city near you this year.... You're going to them... via the Internet.  That's right.  Season 4 casting will be conducted online through Edison Nation.

Yes, you "ordinary people with ordinary ideas," this year's casting calls for Everyday Edisons will be similar to the way you would submit it to Edison Nation.  Honestly, I have looked, hard, but I haven't found any difference... but they just opened the casting calls today, so they probably don't have all the details spelled out yet.

In any case, Everyday Edisons will be looking for the next big...

1.  Kid's product or toy (call for entries started 11/10 and will end in about one month).

2.  Pet product (call for entries will begin on 11/15)

3. Home, kitchen, and bath innovations (to begin accepting entries on 11/17)

4.  Hardware, tool, or DIY product (launches 11/22)

5. Fitness & outdoor innovations (begins 11/24)

6. Health, wellness, and beauty innovations (begins on 11/29)

Ten products and their inventors will be chosen for the television show Everyday Edisons which airs on PBS stations in the U.S. and Canada.  It is also shown online at  One winner from each category listed above will be featured; two will be wild card submissions from the As Seen On TV Live Product Searches, and another will be from the Open Search for Edison Insiders. I know that only adds up to nine, but I'm just reporting what's on Edison Nation's website.

All the legalistic stuff like what rights are you giving up by entering these competitions is spelled out under the Edison Nation's Frequently Asked Questions.  As usual, I suggest you read all the answers to these questions carefully before you consider entering.


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