The Snowman Paint Set Brings Back Winter Fun


As winter approaches each year I start to dread the first snowfall.  I hate driving in the stuff, despise shovelling it and loathe being cold and wet, not to mention all of the slushy mud that gets tracked into the entry way of the house.  It can be difficult to remember how much the first sign of snowflakes used to delight me as a child, but I know that it did.  Snow was so much fun back then; it meant sledding, snowball fights, snow angels and, of course, snowmen.

If you too are having trouble bringing back the joy of the white stuff then the Snowman Paint Set might help ease you back over to the other side, at least for a time.  The set will help you create the ultimate vibrant and cheery snowman – the perfect symbol of frosty fun!  Included are six bright, non-toxic, gelatin-based paint mixes that will allow you to paint your snow buddy without melting him.  The paint squeeze bottles can create a thin line or a wide spray of paint so that you have extra control over your designs.  Once the paint meets the cold snow it firms up and sets in place.



The kit also comes with snow shaping molds, a top hat, carrot nose, and red and blue buttons to use for the eyes and mouth.  I think this would make a great holiday gift and would give adults and kids alike a chance to get out and have some chilly fun while the turkey is in the oven.

Source: Hammacher Schlemmer

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Dec 1, 2010
by Anonymous

This is a real fun for the

This is a real fun for the kids...a real paint for the would enhance the creativity of the kids.