Stem Cell Spray Heals Burns Study Shows

 Doctors at the University of Utah's Burn Care Center reported success in their pilot study testing a stem cell solution that is sprayed directly onto burns.

 By spraying a patient's burn with a topical solution made with their own stem cells, doctors have observed a truly remarkable healing process.

ReCell Spray: Photo Courtesy of Avita MedicalReCell Spray: Photo Courtesy of Avita Medical

 The spray-on stem cell solution not only proved to be beneficial for healing severe burns, but also increased the likelihood that a skin graft would take successfully.

 This could carry positive implications for the application of stem cell technology to other types of transplants. 

 The United States military is keeping a close eye on the project for the future use of stem cells as a regenerative aid for soldiers with injuries.

 Cardiothoracic surgeon Amit Patel said, "Re-growing your own skin in a bioreactor is very realistic and that's not five years away even. We start with a biological band aid and hope to end up with basically synthetic skin that's still derived from your own cells."

 Patel and other doctors have a dream of using stem cells for regenerative medicine, but this has been at the forefront of debate for years, and it is still a hot issue.

 Would you like to see this sort of treatment available in the years to come?


Feb 28, 2011
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