Gisele And The Green Team: Supermodel Goes Super Green

Gisele Bundchen: Role Model?Gisele Bundchen: Role Model?Supermodel, Gisele Bündchen, has introduced to children a website that encourages eco-friendliness and empowerment (and possibly an unrealistic body image).  Gisele and The Green Team is a new animated web series presented by (remember them?).  The concept is a series of missions to take down environmental bad guys, such as loggers and other eco-villains, while instilling empowerment, specifically for young girls, by raising self-esteem through various exercises.  The site also includes games and green-living tips.


"Led by Gisele, the Green Team fights environmental evils with beauty accessories that double as weapons while empowering young girls to protect and preserve the world around them."  The show features an animated Gisele, sans any post-baby stretch marks of course, and four non-supermodel teenagers who just happen to be environmental superheroes.  Episodes include titles such as "The Case of the Lawless Loggers," "The Case of the Illicit Arsenic," and "The Case of the Creeping Development."


Gisele and the Green TeamGisele and the Green Team


To learn all about the Green Team, explore Gisele's virtual, "G-Planet," which sounds like an X-Rated shop but is actually an interactive fasion boutique.  Here, you can access tips to learn how to help the planet or obtain a "secret mission" in the "briefing room."  Click on the "Girl Power" tab and select a gem to discover five "Girl Power Points," which include believe in yourself, stress less, make your mark and do your part, commit to it, and have an attitude of gratitude.  What about "skip dinner, wind up thinner?"  Perhaps a waifish super model was the wrong person to empower young girls.

Check out the first episode:

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