Direct Mail and the Best Known Cholesterol Drug - Inventive Marketing

It is well known that the most difficult part of a sending out direct mail is getting the target to open it.

Kolestor is an anti-cholesterol medication that works to control cholesterol levels in order to prevent cardiovascular surgeries; and who would have ever thought that a drug company would be behind this very creative, one of a kind marketing tool.

They designed a 3D direct mail piece to send to cardiologists in the form of the upper part of the human body. The piece was set up with a zipper on the chest to simulate a heart surgery. The "It's not that easy" tagline suggests that the last option heart surgeries really aren't as easy as unzipping a zipper.

According to the company, their target audience, cardiologists, responded with a spontaneous brand awareness rate of 89 % even tough the cholesterol market is one of the most competitive.

KolestorKolestorAgency: Grey Worldwide Istanbul, Turkey.
Source: Direct Daily

What do you think of Kolestor marketing? What do you think of direct mail overall?

Amy Gifford
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